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    TPS Photography Contest 2018

    Hello, TPSers! We’re excited to kick off the TPS Photography contest, hosted by clay this year. In past years, our schoolmates […]

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    loneliness do you see me? in that corner, against the wall, hanging by a thread. people drift out on tides […]


    Grimy Gold: Of All the Gin Joints…

    Title: Casablanca Year: 1942 Director: Michael Curtiz MPAA Rating: PG for mild violence   Although the night is clear and […]

Theology & Worldview


  • 2018 NBA Mock Draft

    Every year, the top college prospects gather together for the NBA Draft. Who goes first, however, is both a combination […]

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    Global Warming: 2017 and Beyond

    As human society advances in its technological complexity, the global ecosystem pays the price. The year 2017, though cooler by […]

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    The Struggle of Democracy in Bolivia

    Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, has changed the constitution in order to remain president. He currently has been in […]